The Ship Beneath the Floor

August 2012

The Command of the Oceans project has been launched at The Historic Dockyard Chatham and the long awaited identity of the ‘ship beneath the floor’ has finally been revealed.

‘The ship beneath the floor’ lies at the heart of the Command of the Oceans.  It involves the conservation, long-term preservation and interpretation of the archaeological remains of a highly significant warship with important associations with 18th and early 19th-century people and events.  This amazing archaeological find is a unique assemblage of a ship’s timbers found beneath the floor of the Wheelwrights’ Shop in 1995.

Comprising around 25% of the frame of a single 2nd-rate ship of the line, the find was described by archaeologists at the time as being: “the single most important warship discovery in northern Europe since that of the Mary Rose.”

You can see news clips, broadcast on 17 August 2012, revealing the newly discovered name of the ‘ship beneath the floor’ by clicking:

BBC News and ITV News.

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